Archived Works

Archived Works

Renewal Of Radio Transmission System In A8 Tunnels

Renewal of Radio Transmission System in A8 Tunnels

SEE Telecom has just successfully delivered the renewal of the radio transmission system for the portion of the A8 motorway which links Nice (Côte d'Azur) to La Turbie.

First See Smart® Tunnel Boring System Deployed In Denmark

First See Smart® Tunnel Boring system deployed in Denmark

See Telecom deploys its first See Smart® Tunnel Boring system in Sydhavn metro project, in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a world first, Critical Communications and IoT technologies are mixed on one single leaky feeder for more safety in critical missions and operations.

Radiocommunication System For Al-Nasr Oil Field

Radiocommunication system for Al-Nasr oil field

SEE TELECOM and ABB signed a contract in June 2018 for the optical radio communication distribution system to be installed in the offshore project The Nasr / Al-Nasr oil field, which is located approximately 130km northwest of Abu Dhabi City in UAE.

Tunnel Oriente In Colombia

Tunnel Oriente in Colombia

SEE Telecom contributed during the month of August to open the tunnel Oriente in Medellin, Colombia, with a length of 8.2 km is now the longest tunnel in South America.

Radio Coverage Of Line T2 Tramway Of Nice (France)

Radio Coverage of Line T2 Tramway of Nice (France)

The Metropole of Nice (France) inaugurated on 28 June 2019 the extension of its tramway network with 2 new lines:

Kakia Skala tunnels in Greece

Kakia Skala tunnels in Greece

This April SEE Telecom received an order for the delivery of radiocommunication equipment to extend the services in 2 tunnels of one of the most dangerous road parts in Greece - Kakia Skala Pass: Kakia and Patra tunnels.

Radio Coverage Of Nice's Tramway Line T2

Radio Coverage of Nice's Tramway Line T2 awarded to SEE Telecom

In March 2017, radio coverage of tunnels of Nice's new tramway line T2 was awarded to SEE Telecom by Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur.

Mont-Blanc Tunnel's Radio Coverage Renewal Awarded To SEE TELECOM

Mont-Blanc Tunnel's radio coverage renewal awarded to SEE TELECOM

The renewal of Mont-Blanc Tunnel's radio coverage system has been awarded to the temporary consortium SEE TELECOM / SAITEL TELECOMUNICAZIONI

 Coatzacoalcos Immersed Tunnel

First success in Mexico for SEE Telecom

SEE Telecom has been awarded for the radio coverage of the Coatzacoalcos Immersed Tunnel in Mexico.

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