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see smart® Rail & Metro is a combination of advanced technology and solutions for railway tunnels and metros. They are one of the most dangerous confined spaces that thousands of people pass through every day. In case of accidents, the probability of human disaster is extremely high: in addition, the crash, fire or smoke can kill. Our innovative approach is to bring reliable radio coverage to railway tunnels and metros because once implemented, new technologies can make them smarter, more organized and safe.
  • The national public safety radio network
  • Reliable critical communications
  • Safer construction & maintenance
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Traffic management
The main goal of see smart® Rail & Metro solution is to make the railway tunnels and metros equipped and controlled most effectively.

There are different requirements defined by various authorities in different countries or regions. Our technology allows the user to transport both RF and full IP monitoring signals together at the same time via one single leaky fiber, which is the central carrier for critical communications. To manage all the processes effectively, SEE Telecom has developed user-friendly monitoring software to be controlled from the tunnel control room.

Next generation Radiocommunication brings
Voice and Data to Railway Tunnels and Metro

A full client-centric process for end-to-end project

Highly specialized knowledge for advising the final customer or user of the railway tunnel or metro and for finding the optimal solution.

One single system
One single system that aggregates all technologies, with one single monitoring and control console.

One dedicated partner
One dedicated partner for all work, with end-to-end accompaniment from design to commissioning.

Entrust us your project
SEE Telecom accompanies its each project with the site survey, design, simulation, Factory and Site Acceptance Test (FAT and SAT), Specific training, etc…

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to enhance the RF coverage within the area you operate with the help
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