advantages of IoT network inside a tunnel

What are the advantages of IoT network inside a tunnel

We see the benefits of technology implementation every day everywhere. The other question is do we use it to the full, what can we do to maximize its efficiency. 

To answer that, SEE Telecom has brought out empirically some benefits that IoT systems can bring to confined infrastructures, in particular to road tunnels, as they can be dangerous not only for construction and operation teams but also for daily users. 

Improvement of the construction process

IoT implementation since the construction process can significantly help to carry the technical jobs safer and faster, withal ensure the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the project. Having an IoT network ensures the accuracy of measurements and thus enables more detailed and efficient monitoring. 

Timely preventive maintenance

All the objects installed inside the confined infrastructure equipped with sensors and thus communicate by IoT Networks in real-time. Thanks to this, measurements of all fixtures are held periodically to detect any weaknesses, giving the maintenance teams time and possibility to act proactively. Also, periodic measurements of all vital parameters are made, which helps to detect temperature changes and NOx, COx gas, or smoke presence at early stages. 

Thus, the operating teams have time and necessary data to do the restoration operations and prevent the falling of any objects, which can cause serious accidents.

Effective process automation

The key to effective process automation and schedule management is the constant connectivity of all vehicles. Thanks to the IoT systems all along with the infrastructure, the vehicles are always connected to each other and to the infrastructure. Once these connections are made, many security and traffic management solutions can be applied, for example, speed reduction, detection of broken-down vehicles, detection of overweight vehicles, etc.

Energy management

Last but not the least, electricity consumption is one of the biggest expense items for tunnel operators. The use of data from IoT sensors makes it possible to measure and manage this consumption with the aim to control and optimize it. For example, radar-type sensors detect the presence of vehicles in certain areas and control the lighting accordingly. In this way, during low traffic times, the lighting is only used when necessary. 

To conclude, the IoT network makes all the interactions between infrastructure, vehicles, and people secure and accurate, it minimizes the risks and, of course, saves costs. 


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