Mont-Blanc Tunnel's Radio Coverage Renewal Awarded To SEE TELECOM

Mont-Blanc Tunnel's radio coverage renewal awarded to SEE TELECOM

The renewal of Mont-Blanc Tunnel's radio coverage system has been awarded to the temporary consortium SEE TELECOM / SAITEL TELECOMUNICAZIONI

To enhance the global security of the tunnel crossing, GEIE TMB decided to give its confidence to the European leader of radio coverage systems in confined areas SEE TELECOM, and the Italian leader of radio infrastructure's installation and maintenance SAITEL TELECOMUNICAZIONI.

Mont-Blanc Tunnel is one the longest in the world. Opened in 1965, the 11,6 km length needs 12 minutes at 60 km/h to be crossed. Since the dramatic accident in 1999, this is one of the most modern and safe tunnel in the world, to secure one the most important road between France and Italy across the Alps.

The scope of work is to enhance the following 26 services FM, VHF and UHF :

A new monitoring system SEE AMCE, and a new emergency messages insertion system SEE BICE, fully virtualized, will be installed in the full redundant GEIE TMB's computer servers.

The commissioning is scheduled before Summer 2018.

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