First See Smart® Tunnel Boring System Deployed In Denmark

First See Smart® Tunnel Boring system deployed in Denmark

See Telecom deploys its first See Smart® Tunnel Boring system in Sydhavn metro project, in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a world first, Critical Communications and IoT technologies are mixed on one single leaky feeder for more safety in critical missions and operations.

As a world first, See Telecom is deploying its See Smart® Tunnel Boring solution to operate on a single cable radiating several radio networks necessary for the smooth running of construction operations:

  • The Danish national safety network TETRA SINE, for the exclusive use of firefighters and the police in the event of intervention in tunnels under construction
  • A private See Smart IoT network on LoRa protocol, in order to connect to it objects intended for security and environmental monitoring: alarm boxes, gas detectors, anemometers, etc ...

For the customer, the benefits are immediate: a single radio infrastructure, a single web interface visible on PC, tablet, and smartphone, and objects that all become without any radio link, even without a power cord with long-autonomy batteries.

See Telecom is revolutionizing tunnel construction sites with its See Smart® Tunnel Boring solution: Critical communication, IoT, Geolocation, Public Address, and High rate on one single infrastructure for wireless devices.

see smart® Tunnel Boring

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