see smart tunnel boring - cost-effective solutions to digitize tunnel boring operations

SEE Telecom provides advanced solutions that digitize tunnel boring operations

see smart® Tunnel Boring

Critical Comms


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see smart® Tunnel Boring is an innovative concept of providing tunnel boring companies and operators with reliable radio communication systems. Underground construction is high risk and having a stable radio connection while boring tunnels enables using tunnel boring machines (TBMs) more optimally, as well as coordinating the team better, as well as ensuring the fast and safe progress of the project. 
  • The national public safety radio network
  • Reliable critical communications
  • Safer construction & maintenance
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Traffic management
Digging a tunnel requires huge investments, and any malfunction can increase the cost and time of completion of the project. One of the greatest advantages of see smart® Tunnel Boring approach is that it makes the tunnel boring process safer and more efficient. It also ensures the shortest time of work completion and the most efficient deployment of the ready tunnel afterward. 

Next generation Radiocommunication brings
Voice and Data for Advanced Services

A full client-centric process for end-to-end project

Highly specialized knowledge for advising the final customer or user and for finding the optimal solution.

One single system
One single system that aggregates all technologies, with one single monitoring and control console.

One dedicated partner
One dedicated partner for all work, with end-to-end accompaniment from design to commissioning.

Entrust us your project
SEE Telecom accompanies its each project with the site survey, design, simulation, Factory and Site Acceptance Test (FAT and SAT), Specific training, etc…

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to enhance the RF coverage within the area you operate with the help
of SEE Telecom’s repeaters.
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