Radio Coverage Of Line T2 Tramway Of Nice (France)
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Radio Coverage of Line T2 Tramway of Nice (France)

The Metropole of Nice (France) inaugurated on 28 June 2019 the extension of its tramway network with 2 new lines:

– the West-East line (T2) connecting the port to the airport and the administrative center
– the North-South line (T3) connecting the airport to Saint-Isidore

In line T2, an underground section consisting of 3285 m of tunnels and 5 stations, and an underground car park require radio coverage.

SEE TELECOM provided the engineering, design, installation and commissioning of the radio coverage system, including:
– the French national public safety network INPT (Firefighters, Police and Ambulances)
– the NXDN network of the Municipal Police of Nice
– the TETRA network of the tramway operator

Complex engineering and coverage tests have been successful in public areas (underground stations, tunnels, stairways), technical rooms, technical galleries, operating rooms and the interiors of tramway trains.

To control the system, a supervision was installed in the operating center of the tramway.

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