Latest works

Latest Works

© Cofiroute
© Cofiroute

Renovation of the A86 Duplex tunnel

SEE Telecom has participated in the renovation of the radio coverage of one of the world's longest urban motorway tunnels - the A86 Duplex tunnel. 

Tesalia tunnel ©SEE Telecom srl, 2022
Tesalia tunnel ©SEE Telecom srl, 2022

Radio coverage of Tesalia tunnel

SEE Telecom provided the radio coverage of Tesalia tunnel in collaboration with Comsa Industrial.

Courier Tunnel ©SEE Telecom srl, 2022

Courier tunnel in Annecy (France)

SEE Telecom’ solutions now equip the Courier tunnel (Annecy, France).

La Quiebra tunnel, Colombia

Radio coverage for La Quiebra Tunnel

SEE Telecom provided FM, VHF and UHF radio rebroadcast for the La Quiebra tunnel located in Colombia.

Lubień tunnel, Poland

Radio Coverage of the Lubień tunnel

SEE Telecom with its local partner RadioPartners provided the radio coverage of the newly built road tunnel under the Luboń Mały mountain in Poland.

Port of Gibraltar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Radio Communications System For Gibraltar Airport tunnel

SEE Telecom has deployed a radio communications system to provide radio coverage in the Gibraltar Airport Tunnel, a 3x350m tunnel under the runway of Gibraltar International Airport.

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