LTE-PMR repeater enhances RF coverage in confined major infrastructures

SEE Telecom’s LTE-PMR repeater enhances RF coverage in confined areas to extend the coverage of private radio networks in major infrastructures

LTE-PMR Radio Repeater

SEE Telecom designs and manufactures multi-channel digital LTE-PMR radio repeaters
  • To enhance the radio coverage of public safety networks ;
  • To extend the coverage of private radio networks in major infrastructures like shopping centers, exhibition halls, convention centers, hospitals, confined areas such as service corridors, tunnels, underground car parks, offshore platforms, onshore refineries, etc...
The LTE-PMR radio repeater MC-DIRRAC processes up to two LTE Public Safety channels, independently, both in frequency and in power. Built-in waterproof wall-mounted rack, the MC-DIRRAC can be installed in the harshest environment, indoors or outdoors.

The PMR-LTE radio repeater has two RF connectors, one connected to the antenna pointing toward the base station and the second one is connected to the antenna or radiating cable in tunnel or building. Monitoring and control can be done locally via SNMP or HTTP using a web browser installed on a PC which gives access to the GUI. This interface contains an easy configuration page.
The MC-DIRRAC has a sum alarm and two software programmable alarms that can be outputted on dry contacts which can be connected to an external alarm system (PLC, etc.). External alarm inputs are also available.

The radio repeater can be ordered with different frequency bands, power supply voltages, with or without battery backup, etc.


Coverage enhancement

Confined areas : buildings, road tunnels, metros, etc.

Outdoor : public safety, border patrol, etc.

Key features

Bi-directional high power

Up to 2 channels: 1.4 or 3 MHz within 10 MHz bandwidth, independently processed

Custom filters

Compact size & IP65

High power & linearity


Dry contact alarms (3#)

External alarm inputs (4#)


Easy installation

No near-far effect

Large coverage capability

Carriers balancing

Unwanted carriers notching

High-density spectrum adapted

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to enhance the RF coverage in confined areas to extend the coverage
of private radio networks in major infrastructures.
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