La Línea Tunnel  in Colombia

La Línea Tunnel in Colombia

SEE Telecom has provided the radio coverage of the recently-opened tunnel La Linea in Colombia, which is now the longest road tunnel in Latin America.

The inauguration ceremony was held on 4 September 2020, and it was attended by the Colombian President Ivan Duque.

La Linea tunnel will considerably improve transportation between the capital Bogota and the seaport city Buenaventura: this direct pass will significantly reduce the time and costs for the transporters. The pass consists of 3 tunnels with a total length of 10.150 m: La Linea Tunnel (dual 8.654 m long tubes), Los Robles Tunnel (single 884 m tube), Los Chorros Tunnel (single 612 m tube).

To make this infrastructure connected and secure, SEE Telecom designed and built the radio system for the transmission of emergency communications inside the tunnel including our latest solutions and technologies in the field of radio coverage in confined spaces. The system is composed of 4 FM channels with message insertion, 4 VHF duplex emergency channels, and a UHF duplex channel for the Police.

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