FM radio repeater with Audio Message Insertion enhances radio coverage in confined areas

SEE Telecom’s FM radio repeater with Audio Message Insertion enhances radio coverage in confined areas such as underground parking

FM Radio Repeater

The FM repeater processes up to twenty FM carriers, independently, both in frequency and in power, through AGC functions and digital filters. An Audio Message Insertion switch system allows playing audio messages directly on the FM radio of the cars at periodic intervals.

Built-in waterproof wall-mounted rack, the FM repeater can be easily installed in the harshest environment, indoors or outdoors.

The repeater has two RF connectors, one connected to the antenna receiving the commercial FM signals and the second one is connected to the antennas inside the infrastructure as underground parking, mines, tunnels, shopping centers, warehouses.

Optional, break-in system to insert specific messages is available to transmit some information or advertisement. The content of the audio messages is easily changed directly inside the repeater.

Monitoring and control can be done via SNMP, SCADA or Ethernet using a web browser installed on a PC which gives access to the GUI. The repeater also has a sum alarm output which can be connected to an external alarm system.


FM rebroadcasting

Messages insertion

Confined areas : Underground parking, Road Tunnel, Warehouse, Mine & Gallery


Key features

Up to 20 FM carriers

Up to 64 pre-recorded audio messages

AGC per carrier


Easy use and settings

Announcements insertion

Advertisement revenues

Carriers balancing

Comfort experience for visitors

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to enhance FM radio coverage in confined areas.
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