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SRIW raises stake in SEE Telecom

Since 28 December 2020, SRIW has become a 33% shareholder of SEE Telecom via a capital increase.

In January 2019, SEE Telecom launched an ambitious strategic plan aimed to change the company's business model from an offering of products and subsystems to an offering of solutions.

This offer is concentrated under the see smart® brand, which has passed the validation stage with known customers, as well as with new prospects, on all continents, proving the full growth potential both locally and internationally.

With its recognized know-how since its creation in 1972 in RF and optical engineering, SEE Telecom invests in particular in software engineering, emerging radio technologies and associated services in order to offer complete solutions throughout the life of projects during the design, deployment, and maintenance period in operational conditions.

In order to support this strategic modernization plan 2020-2025, an opening of capital and the participation of SRIW aim to accelerate the transformation of SEE Telecom and to ensure the technical and commercial success of the new see smart® solutions in a much wider international market.

“Thanks to Chrysalid plan and the arrival of new investors, SEE Telecom will be able to deliver radio systems capable of relaying critical communications from firefighters, connecting intelligent sensors in IoT, providing a GPS geolocation solution, introducing private 4G and 5G for 2.0 maintenance, with innovative business software and offering high value-added services in any road tunnel or metro around the world. We are also already positioned for projects in America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania that we hope to win soon.”, says Christophe Lebrun, CEO of SEE Telecom.

“Eupen Group, as the historical and major shareholder, welcomes the arrival of SRIW at SEE Telecom. For us, such a positive development ensures looking to the future with confidence and optimism. It is also the guarantee of a local anchor which the Eupen family group is very attached to”, completes Mr. Erich Thönnes, Chairman of the SEE Telecom Board and General Secretary of the Eupen Group.

“This participation fits perfectly with the strategy of the new Family Transmissions & MBO platform launched in 2020 by the SRIW group. SRIW follows the evolution, performance, and promising ambitions of SEE Telecom and has therefore decided to participate in the strategic transformation plan and support the shareholder transition in order to perpetuate local roots and support its development”, adds Sabine Colson, manager of the “Family transfers and MBO” platform of the SRIW Group and now Administrator of the SEE Telecom Board.

About SEE Telecom

SEE Telecom is a best-in-class supplier of innovative technologies and solutions for communications providers around the globe. Using our technically advanced Radio Frequency and Fiber Optic technologies and high-value services software-based, merged in the see smart® concept, confined areas such road tunnels, railway tunnels, metros, mines, large buildings, offshore platforms, offshore wind turbines, large vessels can be equipped with a radio communication system to enhance the radio coverage of public safety, technical maintenance, and IoT (Internet of Things) networks. Founded in 1972, See Telecom is privately owned and headquartered in Nivelles, Belgium, and employs 55 high-skilled technical people.


About Kabelwerk Eupen

Kabelwerk Eupen AG is leading in the production of cables, plastic pipes, and synthetic foams. Our strength lies in the combination of tradition and innovation. With innovative power, persistence, calm and strategic foresight, we are producing, as an independent family-owned company, electrical cables and wires for more than 110 years with constant success. Eupen as the administrative centre of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is located in the heart of Europe easily accessible in the border triangle of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.


About S.R.I.W.

A player at the heart of the Walloon economy, the S.R.I.W. intervenes financially, both in Belgium and abroad, in companies that carry out industrial projects or services generating added value. For the past 40 years, it has promoted economic development in Wallonia and has made a concrete and effective contribution to the modernization, growth, and redeployment of companies in our industrial fabric.



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