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La Quiebra tunnel, Colombia
La Quiebra tunnel, Colombia

Radio coverage for La Quiebra Tunnel

SEE Telecom provided FM, VHF and UHF radio rebroadcast for the La Quiebra tunnel located in Colombia.

La Quiebra, part of the Vias del Nus concession,  is a two-tubed tunnel of 4,250m in length that is a part of the National Route 62. The radiocommunication system built by SEE Telecom retransmits: 

  • Eight FM channels with emergency break-in features that enable the transmission of emergency messages in both tubes, 
  • Two VHF duplex service channels, 
  • One local VHF duplex service channel, 
  • Two UHF duplex service channels. 

 The La Quiebra tunnel is designed to reduce travel time between Porcesito and Cisneros by 30 minutes, which will significantly speed up travel between Medellin and Uraba. 

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