Renovation of the Lille metro

Renovation of the Lille metro

SEE Telecom has participated in the renovation of the radio coverage of the driverless metro system located in Lille, France.

The Lille Metro is one of the first metros in the world to use automatic light vehicle (VAL) technology.

The total length of the 3-lined Lille metro is 43.7 km, it has 60 stations, 53 of which are underground.

The system includes a renewed French Public Safety radio network "INPT" for police and firefighters and the TETRAPOL network of operations services, and our latest generation alarm management system based on a full IP middleware-software architecture system see smart® digiguard. With this deployment, the Lille Metro is the first see smart® metro project with advanced features of see smart® digiguard software integration and thus, benefits from scalability and future proof concept.

It is worth mentioning that SEE Telecom provided radio coverage during the first deployment 18 years ago.

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