Renewal Of Radio Transmission System In A8 Tunnels

Renewal of Radio Transmission System in A8 Tunnels

SEE Telecom has just successfully delivered the renewal of the radio transmission system for the portion of the A8 motorway which links Nice (Côte d'Azur) to La Turbie.

Seven tunnels are therefore secured by radio: Canta-Galet, Saint-Pierre, Pessicart, Las Planas, Cap de Croix / La Baume, Paillon and Rosti on this stretch of motorway.

The renewal works were carried out without a service cut to guarantee continuity of traffic.

The renewal contract included the study of the design of the broadcasting system, the supply of capture equipment, as well as the supply of equipment for the retransmission of the radio services INPT, RUBIS, TETRA and FM including the break-in system that had been installed by See Telecom 3 years earlier as part of the development of the Borne Romaine tunnel on this same highway.

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