RF Connectors

SEE Telecom is specialized in RF Connectors for coaxial cables used in Triple Play and Mobile Networks

RF Connectors

SEE Telecom is specialized in RF Connectors for coaxial cables used in Triple Play and Mobile Networks. Most of our connectors have patented designs that give them unique technical specifications bringing the customer exceptional benefits. Installation and maintenance costs are key in any telecommunications network and it is where our telecom connectors have the biggest differentiation with the competition.
SEE Telecom has built its competence around RF connectors for coaxial cables used in Triple Play Networks (75 Ohm) and Mobile Networks (50 Ohm) and several concepts of our technology are patented.
The connectors and accessories for Mobile Networks are marketed, sold, and distributed through Kabelwerk Eupen.

By listening to the needs of our customers and using our expertise, our telecom connectors have evolved into high-quality products that meet the requirements of modern triple-play networks. The SEElastic® Spring Contact Technology is the only sustainable solution to prevent CPD (Common Path Distortion) in your triple-play network.

Why every triple play network operator should use the SEElastic® Connector Technology

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to enhance the RF coverage within the area you operate with the help
of SEE Telecom’s repeaters.
About see smart®

see smart®

see smart® is a concept that combines technology and innovations.
We provide full integration of the systems for the infrastructure complexes in confined areas such as road tunnels, railway tunnels and metros, offshore platforms and in-building. Our team provides a full client-centric process for an end-to-end project from designing to installation and maintenance. From now on, the owners, workers, users and emergency services will benefit from high-quality access to :

  • The national public safety radio network
  • Reliable critical communications
  • Safer construction & maintenance
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Traffic management
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