SEE Telecom Participates at Platooning Workshop

SEE Telecom Participates at European Truck Platooning Challenge

SEE Telecom participates in a workshop dedicated to the development of platooning technologies on European roads.

SEE Telecom has been invited to join the working group on June 2, 2021, to share its experience and technologies for radio coverage inside tunnels.

The working group is conducting the first tests of ITS-G5 (Intelligent Transport Systems) and needs to relay V2X (Vehicle-to-everything communication), and GNSS (Geolocation) radio coverage to enable Platooning and connected vehicle technologies inside road tunnels.

Thanks to its know-how, SEE Telecom will be a major contributor to the deployment of these future technologies in all road structures.

For more information about Platooning technologies: 




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