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Renewal of the radio retransmission system of the Toulon tunnel

SEE Telecom ensures the renewal of the retransmission system of the Toulon tunnel...

The Toulon tunnel is a 3.3 km-long 2-tube tunnel linking the A50 Marseille/Toulon motorway to the west, the A57 Toulon/Le Luc (Nice) and A570 Toulon/Hyères motorways to the east, and the west and east of the city.

This tunnel is located on the ESCOTA section of the road network. ESCOTA is the company responsible for the Estérel, Côte d'Azur, Provence and Alps motorways, i.e. 471 km of motorway (VINCI Autoroutes Group).

SEE Telecom, through its local partner KOARIO, has renovated the radio retransmission system.

The role of radio retransmission in the tunnels is to ensure the continuity of TETRA radio communications for ESCOTA's operating services, the INPT network (Police and Fire Service) and the retransmission of 24 FM channels with emergency breaking message (EMI).

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