e-FAT for E4 Stockholm Bypass

e-FAT for E4 Stockholm Bypass

A virtual Factory Acceptance Test was held in the headquarters of SEE Telecom on December 15-16, 2020 for the new section of Stockholm Bypass, part of the European highway (E4).

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, SEE Telecom innovates and finds solutions to the challenges the lockdown has brought in order to ensure the continuation of the system delivery.

The e-FAT session took place online, besides the main camera filming the whole process, our technician was equipped with a headpiece with a camera and microphone permitting our partners from Sweden to have an overall vision as well as a detailed view of the session and thus, experience a total immersion.

The e-FAT was organized to test the RF compliance with customer's requirements of the see smart® road tunnel solution implemented in Stockholm Bypass. The test was carried out successfully and was documented by written, photo, and video reports.

The solution with the headset connected to private 4G or 5G networks is available in our range of see smart® solutions.