Broadband communications systems (HFC)

For over 35 years, SEE Telecom followed and supported the evolution of individual networks of CATV operators

Broadband communications systems (HFC)

For over 35 years, SEE Telecom followed and supported the evolution of individual networks of CATV operators: from the simple 300MHz analog TV transmission over full coaxial cables toward a complete 860MHz Triple Play Network on a Hybrid Fiber & Coaxial topology.

SEE Telecom provides solutions for extending the bandwidth of very old 300MHz networks without re-spacing the amplifiers leading to unbeatable CAPEX. Those solutions can then smoothly evolve to full HFC topologies as the revenue grows.

SEE Telecom has developed a unique 1550nm CATV transmission equipment portfolio that is used over long distances (100km) or high splitting ratios for FTTH. This range of products includes high output power optical amplifiers and external modulation optical transmitters. 
SEE Telecom launched its integrated eACSYS platform for the segmentation of the CATV network beginning 3 years ago. Because of the ultra-high density of the solution, the compatibility with previous generation ACSYS, the passive cooling solution, SEE Telecom lowered the total cost of ownership to the minimum level available on the market. For our ACSYS equipment, we have the lowest real failure rate in the market.

To guarantee the customer to have the best product to fit a complete solution, SEE Telecom partners with the Polish company VECTOR to broaden its portfolio of outdoor HFC products. SEE Telecom provides the latest generation of full automatic ultra-compact optical nodes with embedded WDM optics, a cost-effective range of RF amplifiers with complete electrical alignment, and HMS or DOCSIS compliant embedded monitoring.

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About see smart®

see smart®

see smart® is a concept that combines technology and innovations.
We provide full integration of the systems for the infrastructure complexes in confined areas such as road tunnels, railway tunnels and metros, offshore platforms and in-building. Our team provides a full client-centric process for an end-to-end project from designing to installation and maintenance. From now on, the owners, workers, users and emergency services will benefit from high-quality access to :

  • The national public safety radio network
  • Reliable critical communications
  • Safer construction & maintenance
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Traffic management
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