See Telecom To Move Into New Building

See Telecom to move into new building

After about 25 years in our Braine-l’Alleud facility it was time for us to move to a more appropriate and up-to-date building. Although we are still very much focused on radio frequency products our business has evolved as well as our business model. We are much more focused on developing Innovative Customer Solution than on manufacturing products.

The new building is designed to stimulate innovation and attract young and talented people. People are at the center of our management practices and thus at the center of this new building. A NWOW concept was followed during all the design phase.

With our new “SEE Smart®” business line, aiming to incorporate the latest digital communications technologies into confined areas such as road tunnels, railway tunnels, metros, offshore plants and mines, we expect to grow fast in Europe but also outside Europe. This evolution will require to constantly train our employees and partners. It is why our building has many meeting rooms of all sizes, our SEE telecom Academy and fully equipped with the latest digital technologies.


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